Things you need to know right after you start a relationship

Right after you found your ideal partner, now that you know that both of you have fun together, tolerate and respect each other it is important to know how to maintain it and do not lose the chance of your life and do not leave it for granted. For that I have summarized in some points what you have to take into account:


1. In the first 6 months the hormones of love blind us and we only see perfection in that person, at this stage I advise you NEVER have a child or buy a half house because it is something that will compromise for life to see to that person.

2 . Time passes and now you start to see their flaws. You realize that it is not perfect just like you are not perfect either.

3. Communication: I have always said that communication is the key to a healthy and lasting relationship. Communicate your fears, what you like, what less … everything but learn how to do it.

4. Negotiation: as it has “defects” we must learn to negotiate things.

5. Sex: learn new things, do not always make love in the same place and in the same way, the variety is very good and always respecting the limits of the other person.



6. Commitment and a project together. In order for the relationship to be lasting, it is necessary to commit to it and look for projects together so that the passage of the years does not separate both of you but that it brings you more together.